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8 Ways to Make Your Podcast Sound More Professional.

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Podcasts have become a worldwide interest. It’s entertaining and produces interesting content for the listener. Podcasts are educational and mind-bending. It is even a significant source of news among youngsters and businesses. Podcasting is considered an audible revolution that dates back to 2004. It keeps the idea of storytelling more viable like we used to hear as kids.

Let’s understand the basic concepts to keep in mind on how to make podcasts successful and lively.

1. Pick up an idea that moves you.

Understand your purpose for creating a podcast. Is it to humor them, explain a concept, drive them through your journey and experiences, etc. Millions of active users hold an affinity towards this platform. Knowing your goals to begin as a podcaster is a must. Having enough detailed information to represent is the first step towards creating a podcast. That is to know what you are doing and why. Some topics are trendy at present whose value wouldn’t last long in the future. Hence, follow your path and get a grip on your niche.

2. Choosing the right mic.

If you are really into podcasting, you’d choose the right tools. The next step is to have a good microphone. You need to know the below factors before making your selection -

  • Using a connector, USB, or wireless - XLR is widely used for professional microphones as a connector. XLR can also connect wireless transmitters.

  • Space you'll spend time to podcast.

  • How many people will be recorded?

Always ensure to use an easy and useful solution. As time is the key factor to create a podcast. Instead of learning about tools use time in recording and improvement in content.

3. What would you sound like?

The best way to deliver a message is to be expressive and sound as per the need for content. It’s important to examine the target audience and age group. The most active listeners are the young audiences.

Look at the below points to improve your sound needs:

  • Try different expressions for practice and chose what fits the best.

  • Enhance your speaking skills, study pronunciation of confusing terms.

  • Experiment with different angles of speech, pauses, and tone.

4. Remove external noise and disturbance.

Choose your location which does not include distraction. The audience needs to focus on content. To sustain quality in audio, create your own personal studio.

Try out some useful techniques like these:-

  • Use clothes that can absorb noise, e.g. towel.

  • Experiment with your closet as it has enough soft fabric.

  • Choose the right mic options. Some mics are sensitive to noise and easily produce disturbance.

  • Learn treatments to fix noise like acoustic fixes, software that helps remove echo.

  • Turn off the electronic devices like AC, bulb, clocks.

  • Choose the right time to record, especially when alone.

  • Add peaceful background music.

5. Present facts, surveys, case studies to improve attention.

Social proof enhances credibility and brings you closer to the audience. It is the pudding of content. For example, we always prefer reading reviews before buying a product.

Understand below tactics to be included -

  • Social proof plays a psychological role in attracting the audience.

  • People prefer to follow the beliefs and actions that inspire them.

6. Stay up to date on social media.

Networking channels play an important role in gaining an audience. Update on your podcasts and gain comments to advertise. Learn from feedback.

Check out the basis of promoting your podcasts

  • Encourage your audience to review

  • Dedicate a section to enroll many users using feedback, e.g. in website, business cards, Bio.

  • Try out a website to understand the working of reviews (example).

7. Follow other podcasters.

Nothing is better than supporting your fellow mates. Promote each other for better reach. It’s better to be in touch and exchange ideas to learn and explore.

8. Prepare your interviewee.

If your podcast requires an interview, prepare them thoroughly on technicalities and usage of podcast tools. This is helpful if you are working remotely and need to connect. This will avoid any performance errors.


Podcasting is a growing field. Many investors and promoters are introducing themselves in a podcast. It has become a major selling point for businesses. It is easier to center your products as entrepreneurs or in small businesses as well.

Follow the above practices and give a reason for your audience to be welcoming and good listeners.


Swati Julius Samuel

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Dec 24, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I would also add a few more points to your article, for example about making sure people choose the right software for podcasting. They also need a recorder that can record built-in audio and microphone audio. If you are a Mac user, then you need to use third-party programs, since there is nothing built-in. I advise you to visit this site and familiarize yourself with ways to record sound on a Mac. I'm sure this will help you get started with podcasting faster.

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