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An introvert's way of admiring life from the wisdom of solitude.

Updated: Jan 15

What begins in solitude?

Illustration of a girl asking moon"isn't is better to be here?"

There is a season for every human that nuzzles up to their minds. For introverts, it’s solitude.

So independent and cozy that only the slush of wind awakens their senses. As you hover over the intellect of an introvert, there is a deep thinker. Perhaps, a good listener. A valid signature of introverts is to have a unique friend with whom they’re completely extroverted. Remember, they mostly don’t begin the conversation. If there is a gem of depth or reasoning, it fulfills them. It’s tough to communicate with introverts. The divergence or distance between perceiving any ideas are poles apart.

Are introverts really understood?

An introvert amidst an extrovert crowd.

Growing up, it will be challenging to understand why we are different. What stops us from being so voluble as others? It’s confusing to know why our choices are questionable. There are so many instances that stop us from being ourselves. We keep trying to dissolve in the idea of what others want us to be. The major issue is feeling unfit to say what we want. As a teenager, it’s common to feel inarticulate. To speak only with a particular person seems awkward to others. There is an infirmity in being "understanding", but never feeling understood. Then, if pushed to be social enough would react opposite. Such that we become more inwards in our behavior.

Certain behaviors well of course are incomprehensible and unacceptable to others. Like, one of my peers asked what she really does by herself? Why is she mostly quiet? And they bombard us with lots of advice and critics. The problem we see in our society is a lack of acceptance of diversity in human nature. To have a companion who can outgrow the resistance believed introverts bear all the time is indeed lucky.

The foremost concern introverts deal with is managing judgments.

As a teenager, my friend’s relative would say that we thought you guys must be having a cat fight, but you are indeed very silent. In schools, teachers mostly perceive silence as a weakness or a trait of dumbness. Perhaps there are weird remarks about being mute in college. There must be a sensible way to connect with every individual.

A guy sleeping

Keeping all our perceptions aside. For instance, I observed introverted characters are targeted or questioned in the entire class differently. Well, the best way to counteract the situation for me was to be good in academics. To manage such atrocities can make an individual shutdown. What we really oversight is to know how the person is ethically and morally. There is a lack of respect to acknowledge differences.

At the office, they often categorize us as incompetent. I remember when I was assigned to a new project. My manager mentioned, that it’s a demerit to have such behavior as it can affect productivity. I felt utterly disgraceful. I didn’t have words to defend. Sooner, he realized that being an introvert has nothing to do with my professionalism.

Be yourself and construct a refined demeanor.

There is no stringent way to deal with any scenario. The first step is to stop being hard on yourself. It’s a human attribute to think of oneself down. If we accept ourselves the way we are, the outside world would seem simpler. At the end of the day, you shall be at peace with your consciousness.

There is no reason to prove our potential to others as we know we are performers. However, patience is the key to learning the situation and processing it. Instead of deforming ourselves, let’s be artistic to seek the outcome.

Albert Einstein said, “The monotony and solitude of a quiet life stimulate the creative mind.

Bring life to your ingenious side.

A girl painting on a canvas

How about doing what you love to do?

Does adoring nature make you feel more contended? Then why not travel or check out the serene beauty to bring yourself back on track. Certain places redefine your thoughts and make you confident and strategic. Redressing your needs at the moment you want to do is worthwhile.

There is a good deal of creative stuff that introverts love to do. As it’s easier to influence our sensitivity in silence. Self-assurance is a must rather than being doubtful. Once you reach adulthood, to seize the best is what will keep us moving.

I’m open to all pieces of advice. There is always room for improvising and becoming better. We shall learn to distinguish between what comments aligned with our development and what clutters our minds.

Brighten your good side and let it go.

Quote: Feel what you need to feel, and the let it go. Don't let it consume you.

There is no definite timeline to follow a path that complies with our well being.

We all learn from our experiences and surely become wiser with time. In fact, maybe you’ll have your own ways to uplift from drowning. All we have is now, this exact moment. So say it while you can, or perhaps, just let go of what doesn’t matter. It took me a while to apprehend myself. Well, we all deal with circumstances that discourage us. Low self-esteem prohibits us from seeking good in ourselves. What drives me till now is to be in sync with my inner self.

Being introverted is a phenomenon of exercising the beauty of solitude and let us cherish that.


Swati Julius Samuel

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