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How noise pollution is killing the city life [An analysis of Bangalore, India].

Updated: Jan 15

One of the crucial issues in modern cities is Noise Pollution. It's an emanant problem and a threat to humankind. Unlike other pollution, Noise Pollution is imperceptible. Because of the radical growth of population in metropolitan cities, there is the enormous effect of noise from road traffic. This is significantly undermining the quality of living in an urban society.

A girl and guy closing their ears to the noise pollution

According to WHO, there are wretched effects of noise pollution.

It induces sleep disorders and has cardiovascular and psycho-physiological dangers. It reduces efficiency and enrages annoyance.

The consequences of noise pollution on human fitness are classified into four groups:

A girl sitting fed up

  • Physical effects - hearing problems

  • Physiological effects - high blood pressure

  • Psychological - Stress and irritation

  • Performance - fatigue, inadequacy in concentration.

What are the acceptable decibels for our hearing?

There are limits approved by the Central Pollution and Control Board of India. The acceptable limit is 75 dB for daytime and 70 dB at night. In commercial zones, it is 65 dB and 55 dB, while in residential areas, it is 55 dB and 45 dB during daytime and night, respectively.

Facts about failure in following the regulations of permissible noise levels.

As per research, These limits are not followed by individuals and are often surpassed. Recent news from the Deccan Herald informed Decibel levels on MG Road were once counted at 105 dB, while at the Kempegowda bus stand, it was 110 dB in the city of Bengaluru.

Doctors have advised strict avoidance to exceed the permissible set of noise, as it can cause permanent hearing damage.

There are several causes of noise pollution.

Illustration of a ear surrounded by megaphones

Its sources are metro stations, road traffic, construction, industrial noise, etc. There is an extensive amount of negligence in terms of noise pollution. As there is no adherence w.r.t following the guidelines and regulations.

We all must have noted, certain honking noises which are not as per the specifications set for vehicles. Even though it’s late-night, there are people, especially youngsters, who adversely use such modifications in their motorbikes.

The Karnataka police act,1963.

Strongly recommends securing permission for practicing loudspeakers. Considering the ongoing situation, it is obvious to discern that such orders are not regarded.

Noise and residential areas.

As we look at the orientation and structure of residential places, Most of the buildings are right across the main road, imposing heavy traffic and nuisance. To live with constant noise and disturbance is readily causing stress and pressure. There is a lack of awareness among the citizens to consider the disruption caused by noise pollution.

According to WHO news from India Today,

Over 1 billion people are at risk of hearing loss from noise pollution. This is a huge hazard that is ordered to be guarded with utmost importance.

Lack of awareness among the citizens.

While going through the research on noise pollution, citizens' understanding of tools and techniques causing noise pollution is essential. For example, listening to a high volume of music, if going to pubs, following the limited duration of stay. Certain measures are undoubtedly required to be taken proactively for personal health and consistency with time.

Impact of less news about noise pollution

As there are limited campaigns and news about noise pollution, people consider such issues irrelevant. From personal experience, one of my age-old family members severely suffered hearing loss because of firecrackers and is still in recovery for almost a year.

The question arises:

Can we stop anyone from enjoying bursting crackers during festival season? I found it better to let children be aware of the repercussions caused by their actions. Who is the first point of contact? Of course, adults or parents. As kids, we usually see books written about environmental science and pollution. Do we follow any of it?

Are you aware of how alarmingly close you are to the risk of hearing loss, which is the ground of one of our senses?

Apparently, noise pollution doesn’t appear as dangerous as other pollution because it’s hideous.

While we go through this problem, what is the actual solution?

Well, one of them is to be sensitive towards the matter. Let’s accept that we have been avoiding this and just going on with our lives. Second, spreading awareness to our peers and taking responsibility.

To promote a healthy lifestyle, one needs to become part of it.

A women sitting in a hilltop thoughtful

Other methods must be adopted, following the regulations of vehicles, acknowledging the safe use of signals. Officials assigned to manage noise pollution from various sectors like industries, construction, traffic need to take action as well.

The best way to mitigate the problem is to have a sustainable construction of residential places, which includes a greener environment.

We don't have a remedy yet for this madness. We hope more can be done.

To act in consonance with the peace of others needs courage.

Note: If anyone finds this courage and feels like bringing a change reach out to us at . Together we can do anything.


Swati Julius Samuel

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