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How parents can help develop creative writing skills among children?

Updated: Jan 15


Imagination and memory are the wits of creative writing. Creativity is a combination of freshness and utility. Writing alleviates our details of any information. It fascinates senses and neurons more effectively than using any aid of computers.

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When I was 15 years old.

Writing became an aspect of my living. My father embraced my writing with discussion. He advised various editions to invigorate my learning in poetry or articles. Mom, being an English professor, would always guide me to correct grammatical errors. Unknowingly, it became my adventure to write. We felt so pragmatic and engaged. I realized the idea is to be a writer and feel connected with it.

My mother still practice learning vocabulary.

She breakdowns the words into a subset of words and relates them with real-life scenarios. Hence, it’s rightly said, learning begins at home for children. Whatever they see and feel absorbed inculcates their thought process. With parents’ encouragement, it becomes easier to adapt to creative writing. Proper guidance within the family incorporates the best in children’s minds. Well, it has a lot to go within our instances and writing style. As a teenager, you would write majorly about your excitement, affection to feel accepted. There comes a phase of life where writing is about developing and correcting our mistakes.

There is an association with this change, which is outstanding.

A girl amidst flowers - illustration

Children or adults who write regularly may furnish their curious minds.

It’s a rare observation they would like to flaunt. It is easier to write personally but more complicated to express our views.

In most schools, the major criteria rely on the curriculum decided every year for kids. There is a lack of interaction, exchange of ideas. It just feels like a routine to finish the course. If children perceive less inclined to express, it is a fact that they get comfortable with the situation. As every school has various methods followed, we might consider that every teacher taught differently and kids have their own ability to grasp. Some might express it orally, others would prefer to write. It’s vital to think, did we balance our approach to reach all the kids?

We must have learned many stories in English books at school. During the examination, we observe

Illustration of a guy in thoughts

Children prefer to just learn the answers instead of going through the entire chapter. They perform certain activities, which include essay writing, article writing, etc. As all the students have to take part because it includes marks, Teachers rarely provide constructive feedback to improve writing skills. Most of the children are unaware of asking for it or feel hesitant because of a lack of confidence.

As students reach higher classes, they get various practices that may or may not be in favor of creative writing. There are cases where students are provided text-heavy writing tests to clear English exams. But it’s hardly seen them getting to know their mistakes and area of improvement. The quality of writing not only shrinks but also develops feelings of isolation. It deprives an individual to form effective and meaningful sentences. To begin writing is frustrating. Some might reach headway. Still, it is a vigorous process to follow the norms of society and guidelines provided to be a writer and maintain one’s identity. If we stop practicing, the formula left is to start from the beginning. Being a writer, it is mandatory to differentiate between advice and judgment. Targeting the right audience is the crucial step.

The COVID situation was a nightmare.

People wearing mask illustration

Yet a drastic revival from our traditional mentality. We have outgrown the obstinacy in the culture of art and have derived the reflective access to pursue with determination and respect. Having said that, I didn’t know I could enjoy writing poetry that will enhance creative thinking and propose a challenge. Creative writing modifies the cognizance of readers and boosts the virtue of living. One of my vivid memory is when my father would write a prompt for me to finish. Such exercises provide seasoned curiosity and define our command of writing. It is crucial to model the bits and pieces of thoughts at an early stage and it leads us throughout our lives.

Is Artificial Intelligence beneficial or unhealthy to sustain art?

Going through the current scenario with advancement in technology,

Illustration of human hand and robotic hand

people are more susceptible to using AI (Artificial Intelligence)-related resources. We may categorize writing as deflating art. There are various forms of writing included in the creative panel. Which are business writing, content writing for different roles like marketing, finance, educational institutes, etc. To

accomplish the requirements, it is essential to have distinctive skills and abilities. Introducing the AI in creative writing has taken away human efforts to be acknowledged earnestly. AI can write about anything and everything. Be it songs, poetry, jokes, emails, etc. This is just the beginning of a new era. AI will modulate fast in the upcoming years. The major scope to withhold these circumstances is to know that AI does not understand words to create. It lacks vigilance and may be erratic. This is how human intervention comes into place. The best way to counteract is to be acquainted with AI and not depend on it. We shall keep learning and honing our skills and being in the best place.

The future.

There is uncertainty in envisioning the future of creative writing. People believe writers are replaceable with the evolution of AI.

Making the right choice with diligent practice would always produce originality in creativity. Teaching art needs reformation as per the evolution of the current writing experience. There is insufficient time to polish various genres in writing and

Illustration of a steering weel on road

pay detailed attention to focus on errors. Lack of skilled teaching and motivation affects the principle of art. There is no right or wrong way to teach the art of writing. One must follow their passion and willingness to learn and grow. However, to assess the problems, we need to employ art workshops that endeavor different objectives in creative writing. Endorsing practical knowledge about tools and technology that sustain current needs and the crux of art. Collaboration is the key to uplifting the mind and velocity of creativity.

It's not only about having a clear vision, it also includes the potential for taking risks. Black Copy is a new venture and an initiative to transverse across the distinctive quality of content writing.


Swati Julius Samuel

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