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An effective guide for children to control life in a family crisis.

Updated: Oct 3, 2023


Lots of families deal with conflicts. Sometimes the dispute arises when there is misconduct between parents.

Parents are the soul of the family. They are the soil that nurtures and care for the seed to grow. But when the soil is burdened with bad weather, it loses balance.

In such cases, the seed cannot grow in the right environment. Likewise, children are at loose ends in dealing with troubled parents.

Various factors promote clashes between parents. It might be because of misunderstanding, financial crises, mental breakdown, etc. Such incidents affect the mindset of children and they feel helpless. Even parents might be on the verge of losing grip.

Let’s discuss how children can move forward and seek accordance in life.

Tip #1 - Take initiative towards parents and talk it out.

You confront, not to dig deeper, but to curtail the distance with your parents.

We forget that the first step to resolving any issue is communication. Instead of feeling lost and giving up, let’s try to understand them as they did to us as kids. In most cases, it might not be possible.

But look for the right time to address and speak your mind. Remember, we approach parents not to give pieces of advice, but to understand their misery. Parents might not consider expressing. They possibly feel restricted to explaining it to kids. But just like we ask for our favorite things, why not ask for them?

Tip #2 - Acceptance is the key to moving forward.

The beginning of acceptance is the gravity towards breakthroughs in life.

Being children to disputable parents is hard to acknowledge. As anytime can be a nightmare. Children become cautious and have predetermined reactions that can worsen the situation.

Practice not to fall too deep and be at present. Working out tactics like a calm response. Do not intervene, but be acceptable to take their faults. Positive behavior among children encourages them to deal with hardships righteously. When children are young, they are not considered in place to settle the confusion. However, understand that it’s how we respect their efforts and set boundaries. Follow your heart, but be open towards dealing with them in the light of mindfulness.

Tip #3 - Develop your future goals.

No matter where life goes, having goals to achieve keeps our minds focused and strong. It empowers our beliefs to stay put. Moreover, it enlightens parents to see their children growing in the right direction. It helps to ease their situation and feel better.

Tip #4 - Have an independent approach and follow a better lifestyle.

Some tests in life enhance our experience and help describe better decision-making. Look after your wellbeing and exercise a healthy routine. Treat yourself better to avoid negativity. Be wise and driven to live your life.

Tip #5 - Stay hopeful and confident.

Children lose their path and bear low esteem. They feel that their family situation defines them. It becomes hard for them to be outgoing. While some children feel dismissed because of their conditions. Let’s understand that to feel blue is normal. What defines us is what we choose to be every day, even though it’s difficult. Practice what you love and make your dream come true.

Tip #6 - Share your problems.

Sometimes all we need is a shoulder to lean on. Discuss your problem with someone you trust. Set your heart free from the burden or seek help from support groups such as this.

Let’s understand.

Parenting does not mean perfection. It is real and perhaps like walking on a slippery surface. Everything depends on balancing your true self. Even the strongest ones lose their poise. When parents slip on their actions, children are the bridge between them. Growing up in an unhealthy environment is terrifying. Willingness is the key to taking the right actions. Your current situation will not last long. Once you reach an age, what would matter is the spark left in us to live on.

Remember - forgiveness is all you need.


Swati Julius Samuel

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