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Truth & Copywriting.

I Googled this: "Define Copywriter."

And this is what I looked at: "the activity or occupation of writing the text of advertisements or publicity material." Well, it's not what it is.

People take from the actual output they experience.

They watch Insurance Ads that swiftly end the terms & conditions or brands that collaborate with luminaries. What about small organizations and brands? Especially when a colossal contribution in advertising is beyond capacity.

Their demand is clear.

Responsible advertising. Something that shows real-time results. We can invariably identify their audience on social media platforms. Now the obstacle is the attention span of the users. As everywhere else, this platform, comparatively cheaper for marketers, is over-occupied with ads. To capture their attention is a genuine effort. Mostly they skip through unless they appear searching for it. How can we hold them from scrolling? Well, innovative content, a memorable title and a body are something easy to say. What if the brand just began?

I have seen brands seeking to serve the golden rules of hashtags, titles that shock, but the end of the day doesn't really convert.

I led off a year ago providing copywriting services through my website. My USP is,

"To transverse across the distinctive quality of content writing. Delivering writing that's calculative, resourceful, mature, and impactful". The best part is to make this affordable to small and medium scale businesses.

I've experienced brands specifically small & medium scale surviving the heat - resisting. So I work out a road map every six months for them. Every six months have some elements common - Consistency, Original content & Truthfulness.

Consistency & original content is like the feed for the platform to hold you up the row. But the truth is something that ultimately moves the spirit of the buyer. People ask me how they will notice if we are expressing the truth?

- Well, it's basic - Justify.

Whenever you communicate, be transparent & justify. Then tell them about it.

Inspired by a chapter in the holy Quran.

It carries a remarkable verse (a sound) that the intellectuals consider only God knows. Then comes the ad (second verse). "The Quran is the source of things you don't know." This was a remarkable discovery for me as a copywriter. Convince the integrity of what you advertise. Later advertising. This approach has led me to clients whose end consumers are enormous. Yet for young firms, they call for it to be proven. So I first educate them, show them the greater road, and establish setting up their idea that best reflects who they are. It's like the growth of a new born baby. Predictable but challenging.

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