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What does branding really signify? Read these 7 aspects of ethical branding.

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Branding is a technique that gives your business or an organization an essence or a definition in the market.

Which starts with an idea and continues to develop during the course of time. You decide its name, logo, design and go through several iterations. From toiling every day to getting clients to becoming partners, there are several stages. These stages are your own development as you build a brand.

Let’s understand the phases and building blocks of branding.

1. Reflect on the reason to be in business

Lots of youngsters and employees drift away from their path through the usual routine. They decide to own a business. The benefit of doing so is, it does not require experience. It needs a change of thought to take a step. Now there are two sides to this adventure. Some businesses are owned to make a living. Some create differences by adding a factor of value to people. Either way, we become profitable to our prospects.

Along this journey, it is important to get a grip on the foundation of building your business. The readiness towards taking risks. Understanding the potential of your chances. The beginning is a crucial stage to advance in your business. Think and analyze how you want to be perceived. The way you want to direct your audience. If your business is adding a meaningful basis.

2. It’s the principles that build the foundations of business, not the methods

Methods and opinions keep changing. They can be adopted, changed, or destroyed based on their inconvenience. Principles are the way you communicate values to the customers. It helps to discipline your approach. It prohibits following unfair means and sustaining credibility. Guiding you to understand your customers with a positive attitude. You face your competitors with respect. Build righteous tactics to achieve your goals. Principles not only shape your brand, but also give you integrity. Your thoughts and actions are inclined towards values. You emphasize impactful decision-making, which is beneficial and responsible.

3. Defining the quality of your brand by creating unique standards

Each brand has a unique selling point and target audience. Now how can we identify the missing element? If we watch the strength of our opponents, we can determine their weaknesses.

E.g. Some brands prefer to put their logos printed in different styles and catchy fonts on clothes. By observing carefully, we shall understand the intrinsic behavior of people around us. They might like the style of cloth but would want it to be plain. Who might trust in a brand but would step back to buy a product which does not connect with their thoughts? Or perhaps, it is costlier.

Thoughts play an important role when customers buy any product. And, an important feature that promotes their thought process is the wide variety of colors.

  • Have you observed the taste in colors differs not only with age but with personalities?

  • Some people prefer colors that reflect calmness, whereas others would opt for intrusive ones.

While understanding such patterns, we can create opportunities for ourselves.

In fact, with an effective approach, we can break such patterns. By providing exactly what a customer needs.

4. Convenience and reputation are two sides of a coin in branding

Customers believe in reputation, but they also follow convenience. Having said that, there are people who prefer to keep up with their favorite brands. Buy branded products and maintain their style. But they can prefer convenience to buy products from the nearest stores out of comfort or an emergency. This is where positioning comes into the picture.

Positioning is building your image in the minds of your prospects or potential buyers. Such that despite unfavorable conditions, they believe in your product or service. It is an opportunity to furnish authenticity and attitude. To cultivate competition and establish customers’ loyalty. Make your brand, not just about the functional products.

5. Make your own definition of branding and promote your identity

Branding influences human psychology. The way people represent themselves, make daily decisions, or perhaps assemble their confidence. Their choices like selecting a restaurant and even their diet. Everything is closely related to branding. Hence, it builds communities as well as friendships. People want to present their personalities, their beliefs. We are social beings, and we communicate and build our networks. We also care what others think about us as needed. Therefore, branding is a symbol that people seek. It is not just about selling products. It is how we become part of a community. Branding is a direct phenomenon of creating trends and a lifestyle.

6. Commitment transforms business and gives demonstrative abilities

No matter what a business sells, it is that unique trust that conveys what the brand stands for. It is more than just about a logo. Showing how it takes care of its customers. How it displays product design, the uniqueness of it all. Giving the reason for customers to come back. Such experiences are inevitable. It resonates with people and grants them a feeling of belongingness. Commitment is the promise kept and sustained. Consistency shows the depth of your brand.

7. Be sensitive towards failures but don’t miss any opportunity to celebrate

Even a minor achievement is the next step towards reaching your goal. Celebration boosts your inner strength while you plan. As you grow, customers grow along with you. Remind them about your mission as you share your success. Customers feel assured as they see a little fun gesture in the team.


Branding is a sincere effort taken to build a business. It takes time and tremendous courage to be unstoppable despite failures and obstacles. It is not limited to selling a product.

Branding imparts values and drives a unique status among the people. It trifles away undesirable stigma within the society. Creates a new sense and is adopted by people with resonating personalities.

Branding innovates the ideas of conservation and healthy practices. Inspiring people to contribute towards better living standards.

It is a real-time story to compete with intelligence. By taking pride in delivering quality and reliability.


Swati Julius Samuel

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