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I’m not #hiring. But this is a call to come together.

So, here's the deal – we're not about building a typical team; we're creating a community. Whether you're a seasoned designer, a writer, a researcher, or just starting out, we're all ears. No need to stress about fitting into a mold.

Unlike those other places that claim to do it all but might have a secret favourite, we're not into that game. Your unique style is like a missing puzzle piece for us, and we genuinely value each one. We're all about finding the perfect match for each project.

This isn't your standard job offer – think of it more like an open invite to collaborate, bring your A-game to where it fits, and create some rad stuff together. Oh, and you get to decide your rates – no strings attached.

Just fill out our Freelancer Form [], and no worries, no auto-responses here. We're keeping it real, so when your style vibes with a project, a friendly face from our team will reach out.

Remember, we won't boast of it like our work and shit. We are people of codes ;) Our website has it all - Know anyone who might be interested?

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