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The Paradox of Self-Promotion: Why Creative Agencies Need to Walk the Talk

In the digital age, maintaining an active online presence is crucial for businesses of all sizes and industries. This is especially true for creative agencies, whose work is often judged by the quality of their own digital platforms. However, many agencies struggle to keep their own social media accounts, blogs, and websites up-to-date. Why does this happen?

Prioritising Client Work Over Self-Promotion

Creative agencies are often so focused on delivering for their clients that they neglect their self-promotion. While this dedication to client satisfaction is commendable, it can lead to a paradoxical situation where agencies are not showcasing their capabilities on their platforms.

The Industry-wide Skills Gap

As per AG5, The global IT skills gap is increasing at an alarming rate, with projections indicating a 3.5 million-person shortage of IT professionals worldwide by 2023. This growing problem leads to increased stress, lengthy project durations, higher operating costs, and decreased ability to meet business objectives. For creative agencies, this could mean not having enough staff to manage both client projects and their own online presence.

The Solution: Outsourcing Online Presence Maintenance

Outsourcing online presence maintenance is a viable solution for creative agencies. It allows them to access the latest technology, save time and money, and improve website security. The energy and time saved by outsourcing website maintenance can be utilized more effectively in the company’s main areas of expertise.

Introducing Black Copy

If you’re a creative agency struggling to maintain your online presence, check out Black Copy. We are a unique online presence maintenance firm that exclusively serves other agencies to maintain their self-promotional footprint. Our team of experts will ensure that your digital platforms are always up-to-date, allowing you to focus on what you do best: creating amazing work for your clients.

In conclusion, maintaining an active online presence is crucial for creative agencies. However, due to various challenges, many agencies struggle to do so. By outsourcing online presence maintenance to specialists, agencies can ensure that their digital platforms are always up-to-date and engaging.

A personal note from the Author: I'm starting this initiative because I have witnessed first-hand experience of this situation. My study (still ongoing) reveals most agencies are way back with their last update on their blogs, websites etc. We are starting small, but hopeful, clear on the need in the market and a belief in co-existence and nurturing a larger ecosystem. 

Thank you and Happy New Year :)

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